about michellemc


I guess I would be called a mixed media artist.  I consider myself more of a fabricator;  An artistic fabricator … yeah,  let’s go with that.  I love to work with metals, wood, glass, fabric, paper and all kinds of clay.  Currently, my favorite pursuit is metalsmithing.  Strangely enough, my family name means “Blacksmith” and for years dreamed of becoming a farrier!

There are several artists in my family history. My grandmother was a sculptor and artist; her oil paintings are in collections all around the world. My mother was a writer and an artist. She graduated from NY School of Art and Design, but her talents in the visual arts took a backseat to her passion for writing (a passion I share with my mom). In college, I took a lot of Art History courses, even studied it in Italy for a year, but unfortunately never took any applied art classes. Dang it! I might have gotten an earlier start on my artwork, but instead channeled my creative energy into building websites. But to my great surprise, as I approached my 40′s, my need to create more tangible things emerged with a fury! I think it is a reaction to being immersed in technology for so many years. I should have known something was brewing when I seemed to enjoy the Playdough more than my kids did!

I draw my inspiration from the beauty that surrounds me, mostly nature and the goodness and power that flows from people in challenging times. I’ll have to elaborate on that more later! Hopefully you will recognize it in my work, as well.

Thanks for visiting my website.